Compact 45-50-65

HDG Compact 45-50-65 Wood Chip & Pellet  Spare Parts Diagrams

Spare Parts Diagram download version. Models C25, C35, C40, C45, C50, C65 C80
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HDG Compact 50 C50-65 cross section HDG Compact 50 HDG Compact 50 HDG Compact 50 cutaway



HDG FRA Delivery auger for wood chip, shavings and pellets

HDG pellet delivery system transfer fuel from the bulk store either directly to the boilers feed system for via a second delivery system such as vacuum transfer.

Pellet store vacuum transfer tubes and rubber shatter mats 

Two high quality geared motors, mechanical level sensor, steel pellet container for 100 kg pellets with service opening, suction turbine 240 V/50 Hz with noise protection cover, rotary sluice (type TBZ 80) and stoker auger and connecting flange, thermal flow protection installed as a water extinguisher.

HDG TBZ90 Spare Parts Diagrams

HDG feeding system TBZ 150 for HDG Compact 25-80 Compact 100-200for chips (up to G50), shavings, shaving briquettes, pellets.