Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers function much like fossil fuel boilers. When heat is required, they automatically ignite, feed fuel to the fire, and switch off as required. Their automated nature make them an excellent alternative for those looking for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oil, LPG, or electrical heating, whilst maintaining the highest comfort levels. They are suitable for all sized applications, from small domestic properties, right through to large commercial applications. When choosing a wood pellet boiler, there are several important points to consider such as fuel storage, energy storage and control.


Benefits of a pellet burning boiler;

  • Simple to operate
  • Fully automatic control and feed systems
  • Automatic ignition and cleaning
  • Eligible for both the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes
  • High density wood pellet requires less storage space than other forms of biomass
  • Significant fuel savings over oil, LPG and electricity
  • Lambda controllers ensure high real-life efficiencies up to 93%
  • Designed for long operational life
  • Integrated weather compensation
Pellet store cutaway illustration

Pellet Storage

Pellet storage can either be incorporated locally within the boiler, or via a bulk pellet store that is either augered or vacuum transferred to the boiler. Pellets are available in pre-packed bags (normally 15 kg) for ease of handling and convenience, or bulk delivered for those looking for extended periods between refuelling and optimum buying price.


Buffer Tanks/Thermal Stores

Buffer tanks, or thermal stores, are crucial for the efficient operation of all biomass boilers The benefits gained from using an accumulator are substantial. Not only do they reduce fuel consumption they allow accumulated energy to be available immediately, there is no need to light the boiler. This reduces emissions and increases the life span of the boiler. In addition the buffer tank or thermal store allow multiple heat sources to be linked as well as offering your central heating system access to heated hot water

Weather Compensation

Rather than simply controlling the heating of the buffer tank, the onboard controller of both the HDG and SHT pellet boilers can be used to control the entire heating and hot water system with weather compensation. Weather compensation control adjusts the temperature in the heating system according to the temperature outside and has been shown to give savings in fuel costs.

Combustion Control

As with all high efficiency biomass boilers, pellet boilers require clever electronic controllers to ensure the highest efficiencies possible. Typically, pellets are ignited in a combustion chamber where the volatile gases are driven off and gassified by adding secondary air. The controller ensures the precise mix of fuel, primary air, and secondary air at all stages of combustion.

K Series 10-33 V2

The small K series 10-33kW is ideal for the smaller home or business is distinguished by its especially compact design. Manual or Vacuum fuel delivery options.and 7" touch screen with remote access from mobile, PC, laptop and Ipad.

K Series 35-60

HDG`s 10-33kW mid-sized pellet boiler range. Ideal for the larger home or business due to its relatively compact design. Fuel storage. Vacuum delivery from bulk storage. Option of 7" touch screen with remote access from mobile, PC, laptop and Ipad.

Compact Pellet Boilers

HDG Compact 40-80 kW pellet boiler range. Highly efficient cost-effective boiler range. Suitable for the large domestic house or demanding commercial application Left- or right-hand versions with vacuum or direct auger fuel delivery systems.