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Ash Removal system Compact 100-200

HDG offer a range of different ash pan options for the Compact 100-C200 range of biomass boilers. These include the standard 80 litre bin with optional transport cart. The 140 Litre ash container can hold up to 80kg of ash.

Fuel delivery options wood chip boilers

The general purpose of a wood chip delivery system is to extract fuel from the store and delivery it to the boilers feed system.

HDG EMD Boiler Controller

The latest generation Lambda controlled boiler 90% plus operational efficiency. The HDG EMD-C215 controls all the processes required to maximise combustion and fuel efficiency.

HDG Stepping Grate

At the heart of the Compact 100 -200 and the HDG M series boiler lies the HDG step grate system. Step grates are usually associated with much larger boilers, because the cost of manufacturing this innovative moving grate solution would normally prevent its inclusion within a boiler of theses sizes.