All SHT Spares

SHT spare parts. Continuous list.


Combustion air inlet for Evo Aqua 9/16
Hanger 2 M8 EVO 9/15, VARIO / Fortis
Brush 40x45x740mm, head 90 ° angled EVO 9/15, VARIO AQUA
Earth conenction for Evo Aqua 9/16
Sprocket for Evo Aqua 12 Type Z14 D14
EPDM sealing tape Evo Aqua 12 Dimensions 10 x 10mm
RG collector cover EKA, CKA, EVO
Harness extension for buffer EKA / CKA
Grate for PNA from Series 3 PNA
Primary and secondary air motor LM24AP5-T.1 TDA 15/25, TDA 30/40
Gasification chamber brick top back left TDA 15/25
External sheet metal door 90 ° TDA, TDA 30/41
Ignition element inlcuding cable PN, TDA 15/25
Isolating transformer TIM300 = 300 VA PN, TDA
RE Driver Index 01 TDA 30/40 (up to series 9)
Carrier plate compl. for rust drive PN, TDA
Transfer station "Initiator" Vario
Cover with impact protection EVO 12 with VCA
SV profile front top, without straps for Evo Aqua 9/12/15
O-Ring for Evo Aqua 9/15 Diameter 80mm thickness 4mm
Drain cock 1/2 "self-sealing with cap EKA / CKA / EVO 9/15 / Vario Aqua
Sicherungshalter kpl. VL, HV, PE, EKA, TDA, CKA, EVO, VARIO
Sprocket for Evo Aqua 12 Type Z5 D14
Fixing ring f. Rotekmotor EKA, EVO
Adapter cable for ABM engine EKA, EVO
Combustion chamber stone below PNA
Bronz bush PSMF 081208 A51 TDA 30/40, PNA