All SHT Spares

SHT spare parts. Continuous list.


Small grate inc mechanism for Evo Aqua 15
Flat rope for Evo 9/12/15 9x3.2mm
Bush Bronze Type PSMF 162212 A51 for EKA, CKA, EVO, VARIO, VISION
Ceramic igntion element for Evo Aqua 9/12/15, PNA, TDA 30/40 Length 79mm Diameter 11mm
Screw metr. cyl. M5x50 Din 84 brass bl. EVO, VARIO
Front door complete Evo Aqua 13
V-clamp for EKA Rostmotor EKA, TDA, CKA, EVO
Spannstift 6x26mm DIN 1481 PN, TDA
Seal below combustion chamber brick d = 275 PNA
Combustion chamber brick bottom rear TDA 15/25
Insulation bottom right TDA 15/25 Dimension 516 x 200 x 13mm
Rubber Buffer Saugzug EbmPapst TDA
Cable m. Door switch u. Magnetic plug TDA, TDA 30/41
Room unit analog RTFH TC3 incl. Description
Gasification chamber brick front left TDA 30/41
Insulation Pellet combustion chamber 250.200.13 TDA 30/41
Tube for centreless auger (per metre)
Overfill switch with spring Vario V2
Fire protection laminat 100x100x10mm VCA
STB chute to relay unit incl. Extension VCA (PN, TDA)
Adapter frame for EVO 9/15 with VCA
Combustion chamber brick for Evo Aqua 9
Dichtschnur 8mm VISIO, EVO 12, EVO 9/15, VARIO
Bronze bush Type SB-F 10/16x10-22x3, A51 for Evo Aqua 9/15
PMA Clip SFH-12-0 EVO 9/15, VARIO
Control board for Evo Aqua 9/16
Insertion auger for Evo Aqua 12 Length 278mm
Motor stop for Evo Aqua 12 Dimensions 30 x 18mm
Ignition element for Evo Aqua 12
ISK screw M8x40 Din912 EKA, CKA, EVO
Seal above combustion chamber brick d = 315 PNA
Leg spring tipping grate PN, PNA, TDA, TDA 30/41