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SHT spare parts. Continuous list.

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Lever for cleaning unit PN, TDA
Pellet grate for TDA 15/26 Dimensions 205 x 131mm
Grate rod TDA 15/26 Dimensions 568.5 x 12mm
TDA fibre blanket insulation 13mm 1.2m2
Ceramic rope 16mm TDA 15/25, TDA 30/40, PNA
Ceramic rope 19mm TDA 15/26
Insulation pad TDA 15/25 Dimensions 522 x 362 x 3mm
Insulation for combustion chamber door TDA 15/25 Dimensions 200 x 200 x 10
Insulating plate secondary air flap TDA 15/25
Insulation bottom right TDA 15/25 Dimension 516 x 200 x 13mm
Insulation tda 15/25 Dimensions 482 x 399 x 40mm
Insulation brick for TDA (upto series 8) Dimensions 268 x 146 x 70mm
Retaining plate for insulating stone AT 274x147x80 TDA up to series "8"
Insulating block AT 314.190.70 TDA
Insulating block FT 380x320x70 TDA, TDA 30/41
Insulating block PD 400x160x50 TDA, TDA 30/40 (up to series 63)
Insulation tunnel stone 200x156x13 TDA
Insulation tunnel stone 337x156x13 TDA
External sheet metal door 90 ° TDA, TDA 30/41
Securing lever for filling door TDA
Outer sheet Ash door TDA, TDA 30/41
Rubber Buffer Saugzug EbmPapst TDA
Bush Bronze PSMF 253220 A51 VCA, TDA
Union nut Lambda VL, PN, TDA, TDA 30/41
Insulating washer plastic with thread for Lambda VL, VN, PN, TDA, TDA 30/40
Insulation washer 38x22x2 for Lambda probe VN
Handle for cleaning unit PN, TDA
Brush 65/100/1000 VL 18-50, HV 15-50, TDA