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HDG spare parts. Continuous list.


with servomotor u plug no IDT no. 702002 (cable size 0.35)
TT 60 L, for fork joint IDT no. 703013
TT 60 L, (from BJ 2004)
TT50L, left (from BJ 2005) IDT no. 708074 without wiring.
HDG K10-26 G7L-2A-BUB 200 / 240AC
HDG K10-60, K10-26 V2 NPAPL with connection cable 2m
HDG K10-26 7.5 rpm 10Nm
HDG K10-26 complete assembled until HDG Control
suction system Collecting box (cyclone)
HES web screw, 137 Nm
HDG Easy Control see basic data 2