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Remote Boiler Access

HDG Webserver Pro allows for full remote access to the larger boiler range. It's simple to install and requires no maintenance. Connect the Webserver pro to the internet via an RJ45 connection, and off you go. Boiler operation is viewed on almost any internet system: PC, Ipad, mobile phone with the myHDG app.

The HDG webserver Pro allows connection to your boiler
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Includes Software for EPS controller Includes serial Interface HDG Compact C100 C115 C150 C199 & C200. HDG M series M175, M200, M240, M300, M350, M400, M500.
HDG Log Boilers, Compact 40-95, wood pellet and chip boilers. K series pellet boilers.
Without Serial Interface. Without software update. From earlier version of Web visualization server to new Pro version. Installation after 2014 which do not require software update.
WEBSERVER PRO UPGRADE PRE 2015. With software update Without Serial interface Update from earlier version of Web visualization server to new Pro version. Installation pre 2015. This version will require boiler software update. (Engineer required to install update).
HDG Web-Visualisation Extension more-boiler-system Price for additional boiler
HDG control system extension for Bus network.
Option if direct control cabinet wiring is not required. UK specification .


If your boiler or heating control is equipped with the HDG remote visualization system, web server or webserver pro, Zeroridge can offer to monitor your heating system, boiler, maintenance cycles, errors or warnings. We offer three levels of srevice; Bronze, Silver & Gold.