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Spare Parts

Spare parts for HDG and SHT biomass boilers and other general equipment


HDG range of K series pellet boilers have been in two evolutions. Version 1 (V1) and Version 2 (V2).

SHT spare part diagrams for the SHT Thermodual TDA 15-25kW, Thermodual TDA 30-40kW model. PNA pellet boiler and Evo Aqua pellet boiler stove

HDG Compact 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 65 and 80. The Compact commerical range of boilers C100, C115, C150 and C200 Wood Chip & Pellet  Spare Parts Diagrams

HDG Log boiler range. R, Navora, Euro, Turbotec & F.

HDG Boiler feed and delivery equipment. TBZ80 &TBZ90 Pellet Feed system. TBZ120-160 & TBZ150 Pellet & Chip Feed System. TBZ200 Chip feed system. FRA & GRA wood chip delivery system. 

HDG Pelletmaster Spare Parts Diagrams

HDG M300-400 biomass boiler spare parts diagrams.