Log Boilers

HDG Log boiler range. R, Navora, Euro, Turbotec & F.

HDG Euro biomass boiler HDG F series biomass boiler HDG R Biomass boiler HDG Turbotec log boiler


HDG Navora log boiler was available in 2 size ranges. Small Navora 20-25-30kW. Larger model 40-50kW.

HDG produce to sizes of the R log boiler. The R15 with a 33cm log length fuelling chamber and the R20, 25 & 30 with a log length fuelling chamber of 50cm

HDG Euro V3 model has over the years changed to include different outside cladding (panels) and touch screen controller, other than this the models are the same.

HDG Euro Spare Parts Diagrams

HDG Turbotec log boiler spare parts diagrams.

HDG F Series 20-50 Log boiler range spare part diagrams.