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What is biomass wood fuel?

Wood log biomass fuel
What are Wood Logs
What are wood logs and how to get the most from them?
Wood pellet biomass fuel
What are Wood Pellets
What is wood pellet and how to get the most from it?
Wood chip biomass fuel
Wood Chip Fuel
What is wood chip and how to get the most from it?
Biomass balance

Difference between wood biomass and fossil fuels.

Its the time scale.

Biomass is any carbon based biological material derived from living or recently living organisms.

In the context of biomass for fuel this is often used to mean plant based material such as trees or crops.
We all know that trees help the planet, especially young trees. During their life, they absorb CO2 and give out oxygen. When they are cropped and used for fuel, they release the same amount of CO2 as they absorbed during their life and are therefore classed as being CO2 neutral. In contrast, burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas, releases CO2 into the atmosphere that has been stored for many millions of years. 

Wood burning appliances use fuel in the form of wood logs, wood pellets, wood chip or clean wood waste and there are products to burn each type.


Usually, the cheapest wood fuel, sourced locally commonly stacked and allowed to dry, processed into split 500mm lengths for quick and easy handling. 

Wood Pellet

Pellets are compressed dried sawdust. Dense in nature and easy to move by automated processes. 

Wood Chip

Chips are commonly virgin wood processed into a given chip size. Lighter than wood pellet though can also be mechanically moved to automate the burning process.

Carbon Neutral Balance

Wood can replace fossil fuel which will help the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.