What is Wood Pellet?

Wood pellets are small, typically 6mm in diameter and no more than 15mm long. They are made from processed sawdust and wood chips that have been dried, heated and compressed. When heated and exposed to high pressure, lignin, the binding component in wood, softens and allows the wood product to be shaped and pressed into a pellet.

Pellet burning boilers can offer the similar level of control as oil and gas appliances, making them an attractive choice for many. This is because unlike logs, wood pellets, and therefore heat generated can be switched on and off quickly. An intelligent pellet transfer system carries the fuel to the combustion chamber from the fuel storage area as heat is required. A sensor regulates a measured air supply, ignition is achieved automatically and the heating output adjusts continuously to the heating needs. Pellet burning appliances can heat a single room, a whole house or commercial applications.

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