Miscellaneous parts for SHT dual fuel Thermodual log and pellet boiler. Model size 15-25kW


Primary air flap complete TDA, TDA 30/41
Secondary air flap complete TDA, TDA 30/41
Cable grommet 32/46/38 / 1,6 / 9,5mm VL / VN / PN backplane, VARIO, PNA
Blanking plug d = 30mm (21x30x34) container, PNA
Seal suction 10mm cpl. from Isoplan 750 VL 25-50, VN, PN, TDA, TDA 30/41
Edge protection profile TDA 15/25 Dimensions 7.5 x 5mm
Seal flange 120x120 / 71x71x3 Vario / container
Insulation combustion chamber cover 310.245.15 PNA
Compression spring DIN 2076 1.1200, 62/17/1 PNA
Leveling feet M12x40 KK, PN, VN, TDA, CKA, TDA 30/40, PNA
Sensor pocket 120mm smooth 1/2 "Dm 15 EKA, CKA, NZA, PNA
Primary and secondary air motor LM24AP5-T.1 TDA 15/25, TDA 30/40
Induced draft fan 180 with flange, VN, PN, TDA, VL.18-50, TDA 30/41