Vario Flexible Auger

The Vario Flexible Auger System comprises of a flexible auger and a fixed auger trough that is sited in the bottom of the pellet store.


Sprocket Z12, d = 20, for Vario
Sprocket Z17, d = 20, for Vario
Sprocket Z17, d = 25, for Vario
Sprocket Z19, d = 25, for Vario
Sprocket Z21, d = 25, for Vario
Chain link for Insertion auger chain
Centreless auger for Vario system (per meter)
Sloping downpipe for Vario including sensor hole
Tube for centreless auger (per metre)
Auger for Vario trough with connecting lock PE = 520mm (PN = 490mm)
Fire protection laminate 150x90x10mm Vario
Anti shatter mat 1400 x 1200 x 4 black
Ball bearing single row (6306 2RS1) Vario
Flange bearing Y PFT 25 TF Vario
Flange bearing Y UCFL 207 (FYTB 35 TF) Vario, VCA
Flange bearing Y UCFL 205 (FYTB 25 TF) Vario
Hose clamp 90-110 belt width 12mm
Mounting rail Lg. 1400mm impact protection mat
Swivel bearing "Initiator" Vario
Flat geared motor FGA103 Vario, VCA, container
Overfill switch with spring Vario V2
Proximity switch kap. 24V M30 with plug Vario
Insertion sensor m. Silicone pipe container / Vario