Visionconvey AIR Vacuum

The Visionconvey Air Vacuum System for pellet probes is suitable for installations where a longer duration between pellet filling is required than the manual fill hopper and where it is not possible to site the pellet store near to the boiler.


Bush Bronze PSMF 253220 A51 VCA, TDA
Flange bearing Y UCFL 207 (FYTB 35 TF) Vario, VCA
Fire protection collar for suction hose
Fire protection laminat 100x100x10mm VCA
Gasket seal EPDM 6x2mm SK VCA, VN
Impact protection mat 345 x 150 x 5 schwarz VCA
Impact protection mat 284.3 x 150 x 5 black
Jubilee clip 50-70 belt width 12mm
Pipe clamp 59-63mm Clip m. Gummi Vacuumat, visionconvey AIR
Adjustable foot M12x100 120 / 200L container
Geared motor visionconvey Air VCA
Suction turbine motor visionconvey Air VCA
Lifting magnet cpl. VCA on PN / TDA
Control board visionconvey Air EKA / CKA
Extension cable STB 297cm for TDA with VCA
Retrofit kit STB, relay, extension, plug VCA (PN, TDA)
STB chute to relay unit incl. Extension VCA (PN, TDA)
Kabelverl. Set X2/17 TDA mit Vario/VAC
Relay Finder 65.31 / 20A /250V VCA
Screw M5x10 Din 7500 Form D verz. EKA, CKA
Regelung Saugsystem VCA pcs. EVO 9/15
Boiler adapter VCA EKA, CKA, container 100 / 200L
Boiler adaptor VCA VARIO, EVO 9/15
Boiler adaptor VCA EVO 12, EVO 9/15
Cover with impact protection EVO 12 with VCA
Cover with impact protection EKA, CKA with VCA