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What is Wood Chip?

Wood chip fuel

Wood chips are again completely natural and are made from both waste wood and sustainable virgin timber. Wood chip biomass systems are more suitable for larger applications and for those who can utilize a local source or their own wood supply to make the chip.

For high efficiency, wood chip needs to be consistent in size and stored in a covered area that allows air to circulate and naturally dry the chip. Wood chips offer the cheapest form of automated biomass heating.

Find out more about Wood Chip Boilers and how they work below.

The benefits

  • Can fully replace fossil fuelled boilers

  • Fully Automatic control/feed systems

  • Wood chips are lower cost than wood pellets

  • Installations can also be designed to burn wood pellets, sawdust and briquettes

  • Running costs are stable and reliable

  • Good for economy as source fuel can be grown and harvested locally

  • Several boilers can be grouped together for redundancy and peak heat demands

  • Remote boiler control over network or internet can be provided

  • Higher installation cost compared to fossil fuels

The check list

  • Requires larger fuel bunkers than wood pellets

  • Due to initial capital costs more suitable to larger domestic, commercial or industrial installs

  • Requires corrected sized graded fuel

  • Requires local maintenance and inspection

  • Requires annual maintenance by engineer

  • Requires occasional ash removal

Wood chip biomass fuel