M Series 300-400

HDG M300-400 biomass boiler spare parts diagrams.

Spare Parts Diagram download version. Models M300, M350, M400
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HDG pellet delivery system transfer fuel from the bulk store either directly to the boilers feed system for via a second delivery system such as vacuum transfer.

HDG feeding system TBZ 200 for HDG M Series,for wood chips (up to G50), shavings, shaving briquettes, pellets. Large rotary sluice directly connected to lift auger almost prevents most likely blockages even with unusual shaped fuel.

The HDG hinged arm delivery system type GRA 160 can be used for delivering heating material from material stores with a max filling height of 5 m (bulk weight of 250 kg/m³) It is suitable for wood chips (up to P45S), shavings, pellets and pressed wood briquettes.